Even Tryggstrand, aka @eventyr, is a 33 year old photographer from Tromsø, in the North of Norway. He's been travelling the past few years to capture the eery Aurora Borealis (or Northern Lights) in different locations above the artic circle : Iceland, Lofoten, and soon the Faroe Islands.

He kindly accepted to give us a few tips to photograph Auroras, and where to find them.

The season of the Northern lights is from September to the end of March. You can see them if you have a very clear sky, without clouds. Find a place that is as dark as possible, that way you won't get any disturbance from other light sources, and the Auroras will appear much clearer. To photograph them, Even recommends a camera with a very strong objective (max aperture 1,2 for instance) and a tripod. Most importantly : bring very warm clothes as it can get really cold up North as that time of the year, and you might have to wait for hours before getting a glimpse of the Aurora.

It can be wise to download apps like Aurora forecast so that you know more precisely when they will show up.

When that is said, here is an article explaining why you should hurry to travel up North, because it might unfortunately be soon too late for our generation to see the majestic Aurora Borealis.