Submissions open

Submissions open

Send us your editorial for our first print issue !


Oh! You Pretty Things is a magazine that aims to show the beauty of the models in their own natural way, photographed in typical nordic locations, for scandinavia lovers.

We are not season based, the style should be timeless, and we won't accept studio shoots unless they are accompanied by landscape images.

Guidelines :
Send your unpublished fashion or portrait series to . Only the photographers can submit pictures. We will get back to you within one week, and if we are interested in publishing your work, we will ask you to send over your images in high res via wetransfer (not in "web size", and in TIFF for print) or Dropbox via a link, not an invitation to share.

For fashion editorials, please enclose a word document (not pdf, so that it is easier to copy without making any mistake) with all team credits (photographer, stylist, models, hair and make-up artists, and all agencies with websites and Instagram handles) and every look must be accompanied by the look image, image name or look number, and detailed brand credits and stockists (ex : red wool sweater - brandname). You can also send an email with the credits once we have accepted your submission.

At the moment we don't accept models from every agencies, please contact to make sure the agency makes the list, or have a look at our "about" section as the agencies we have worked with earlier are listed at the bottom of the page.

Deadline : Octobre 15th, 2017

Moodboard :

For all questions, moodboards and idea proposals, pull letters... email

Please note that, although we are professionals in our the fashion and media industry, OYPT magazine is a side project that is very time demanding, and as we have chosen to remain free from advertising, we have no budget and we will not be able to send free copies to the teams. PDFs will of course be issued.