Youna Baupoux

20min with Charlotte Lindvig

Youna Baupoux
20min with Charlotte Lindvig

"Don't worry Ashley, I can do this", she said confidently while gently tapping on her shoulder. 

These few words, Charlotte's natural attitude and her ethereal looks are just what it took to seduce Proenza Schouler's casting director, owing her both opening and closing the show, the campaign that followed, and the storm of demands that still come rushing in Heartbreak management's inbox. 


She flew from Copenhagen for the shows in the end of August, and we spent the night unwinding in a cute little Norwegian cabin on a small island in the fjord of Oslo, with Heartbreak management's Julie Thyrum. Talks about the future, friends, modelling. Drinking wine and smoking cigarettes (not Charlotte though), going to bed a little too late ...


In the morning after a good coffee, we hung around the house and took some pictures, before both having to rush out back to the city, and to work.